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ReflectorCAD supports construction and analysis of a segmented reflector, greatly reducing the time required from design to prototype. Primarily targeted for automotive applications, ReflectorCAD can be used anywhere segmented reflectors are required. It works well as a stand-alone application, in conjunction with ASAP, also from BRO, for additional ray-tracing analysis, or for SAE compliance using the ELTM module in ASAP. See what it's like free for 14 days.

Your ReflectorCAD trial will work as a fully-functional program for 14-days. With your ReflectorCAD trial license, you may also download a collection of example files showing the system models and analyses that can be done in ReflectorCAD.

Use the form here to access your download of the ReflectorCAD 14-DAY TRIAL and EXAMPLE FILES.

"ReflectorCAD and the ASAP ELTM are optimized for segmented reflector design in automotive lighting applications. You just have to try ReflectorCAD to see how easy it is."

Kevin Garcia, Ph.D.

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