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Get your FREE 14-DAY TRIAL of BRO's award-winning APEX® software here. APEX has been developed for the design and analysis of optical and illumination systems in SOLIDWORKS using a simple, easy-to-follow workflow. Optical designers in more than 35 countries are finding out just how nice complete CAD integration can be in their product-development workflow. Join them and see what it's like free for 14 days.

Your APEX trial requires the SOLIDWORKS Standard Edition or higher and will work as a fully-functional add-in for 14-days. With your APEX trial license, you may also download a collection of example files showing the system models and analyses that can be done in APEX. Use the form here to access your download of the APEX 14-DAY TRIAL and EXAMPLE FILES.

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"You've got a real winner here. This is software we have wanted in the optics industry for decades."

Photonics West 2010 attendee
seeing APEX for the first time

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