Save Time in ASAP with BRO Libraries

BRO's libraries, available to customers with current software maintenance agreements, include a growing collection of more than 200 U.S. and European source models that can be imported directly into users' projects, as well as scatter models of popular materials used in optical design. Library resources reduce planning and prototyping costs by eliminating the need to scan, measure, and model industry sources and materials.

About Libraries for Optical Software

Following geometrical system characterization, optical designers must define material properties and sources to complete their system models. To save time, BRO is expanding the ready-to-use libraries that come with our other software products. Comprehensive material and scatter model libraries describing boundary conditions for a variety of materials now accelerate system setup and eliminate the burden of creating custom interface models based on lab measurements. Similarly, BRO now regularly expands its source model libraries to include new sources such as incandescent bulbs, arc sources, LEDs, and cold-cathode fluorescent lamps. These sources save customers hours and ensure accurate system characterization.

Request an Addition

Request your addition to the library using the online Feedback Form.


Use Sources by Bridgelux, Cree, Lumileds, Nichia, and OSRAM in ASAP

A summary of the latest filament and LED sources added to the BRO Light Source Library in ASAP 2012 V1R1. New model additions included the latest sources by Bridgelux, Cree, Lumileds, Nichia, OSRAM, and other manufacturers.


Light Source Library Additions in ASAP

A demonstration of source models available in ASAP 2010, including over 40 new Luxeon, OSRAM, Philips, and Bridgelux sources.


Scatter Model Library Additions in ASAP

A demonstration of scatter and roughness models available in ASAP 2010, including Alanod MIRO, MoldTech, Tenibac, and other materials.


BRO Light Source Library

Using sources in the BRO Light Source Library, including LED, CCFL, incandescent, and arc sources. Watch an overview.


ASAP Light Source Library Wizard

Placing sources in your system with the BRO Light Source Library Wizard. Watch an overview.


Diffuser Sheet Models in ASAP

Modeling diffuser-sheet scatter phenomena in ASAP. Watch an overview.