Introduction To ASAP

Introduction To ASAP

This introductory tutorial instructs ASAP users on approaches to solving pre-defined imaging and illumination problems. Designed to acquaint the new user with the full list of ASAP features leading to a basic competency, the tutorial is a balance of hands-on exercises, demonstrations and lectures.

Next Class: February 8-10, 2022

Join instructor Jon Herlocker, Ph.D. for this online course. 

Course Overview

By guiding you through some straightforward examples (imaging and non-imaging systems), you learn both fundamental ASAP capabilities and methods and procedures for solving the most common types of optical problems. Toward the end of the tutorial, several advanced simulation and analysis concepts such as ray splitting and ray scattering are introduced.

Course Outline

  • ASAP menus and dialog boxes, including the Builder; powerful scripting language; and integrated translators (including ASAP/IGES, ASAP/OSLO, and ASAP/ZEMAX)
  • Optical system modeling, including optical properties, system geometry, and object database construction
  • Source modeling, including physical, spatial and angular definitions of incoherent point and extended sources, as well as coherent point sources
  • Numerical and graphical verification of system and source models
  • Ray tracing and analysis
  • Several advanced simulation and analysis concepts, such as object bounding, ray splitting, and ray scattering

Familiarity with geometric and optical concepts is helpful but not required.

This Introductory Tutorial is a three-day online course. Number of participants is limited.

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