A Proven Approach 

Our Process

BRO's design process is divided into four phases: Feasibility Study (Concept Phase), Preliminary Design Phase, Critical Design Phase, and Fabrication | Assembly | Integration | Test. Each project is looked at individually, and phases may be added, removed, or divided into smaller tasks depending on customer need and system complexity. Progress updates are communicated routinely and at end of each task through memos, email, reports, and presentations.

Feasibility Study — Understanding Your Needs

BRO's engineers work with you to define and quantify objectives and requirements. Our engineers will talk with you, either in person or by phone to gather information and design requirements. BRO engineers evaluate the proposed design from a system perspective, taking into account the optical, mechanical, electrical, and software elements. Requirement changes may be recommended to increase performance and/or facilitate assembly. Concepts and first-order designs may be generated for evaluation. BRO will create a statement-of-work, and then together we will set project schedules and milestones. BRO will then provide either a time-and-materials or a firm fixed-price quotation.

Preliminary Design

Working from the requirements outlined in the Feasibility Study, BRO engineers further refine system design. BRO works towards nominal performance and tolerance performance, and develops an outline of an assembly/test procedure. A Preliminary Design Review is held at the end of this phase, covering system performance, schedule, cost, and assembly concept to date.

Critical Design

In this stage, BRO engineers finalize design, complete drawings, and receive and evaluate supplier quotes (if applicable). BRO identifies any necessary test equipment, and outlines assembly and test procedures. At the Design Review, BRO will discuss system performance, assembly concepts, and cost and schedule based on quotes from suppliers.

Fabrication | Assembly | Integration | Test

BRO's engineers will build, test, and evaluate a working prototype of your product. The system will be tested with respect to requirements outlined in earlier phases. If necessary, BRO will purchase special test equipment or arrange for and supervise outsourced testing. The test phase ensures that the prototype performs as expected and adheres to the pre-defined design parameters.

Speak to an Engineer

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