Engineering Services for Any Optics Problem

Engineering Services for Optics

BRO Engineering Services is steadfastly committed to innovation and the success of its clients. Since 1979, our optical engineers have solved optics-related problems and created innovative products for thousands of companies worldwide. We analyze and improve the performance of existing designs, or build new products to meet customer-defined specifications and requirements.

We are ready to work for you in whatever capacity you choose. If you require a complete engineering department, let us serve in that capacity. If you have an in-house group, we can work with your people. We are prepared to step into any phase of the design process to help translate your vision into viable technology.

BRO's engineering team is diverse. We realize that innovation often arises from applying the established techniques of one field to the problems of another. BRO employs optical, mechanical, and electrical engineers holding advanced degrees. They come from the nation's top labs, universities, and corporations. The result is a remarkably diverse and knowledgeable team of leading experts, which rivals in-house R&D groups at large corporations.


Breault Research Organization (BRO) was launched 37 years ago by new Optics Ph.D., Robert Breault, who had just completed a stray light analysis study on the soon-to-be Hubble Space Telescope. ..


Using BRO's suite of illumination software products, and an extensive library of source models, BRO engineers lead development of new and efficient automotive illumination systems...


Using BRO's software tools, we can simulate entire biophotonic systems, including devices for drug discovery exercises, molecular biology research, clinical diagnostics, and surgical applications...

Consumer Electronics

From optimizing LED lighting for toys and computers, to designing lightpipes for scanners, BRO's engineers have a wealth of experience in optics for consumer products....


BRO designs, analyzes, and improves performance of backlit displays. Our experience includes flat-panel displays such as Liquid Crystal Displays (LCDs) and plasma, projection systems based on micro-displays including Digital Light Projectors (DLPs) and mini-LCDs, and heads-up displays. BRO's engineers are well-versed in all aspects of display engineering...

Optical Metrology

Using BRO's own ASAP® Optical Software, our engineers model many types of optical metrology equipment including numerous types of interferometers...


BRO's engineers design and build state-of-the-art systems for telecommunications. We model fiber coupling, birefringence, free-space propagation, gradient index materials, and much more.


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