Gas Detection Sensor

The Gas Detection Sensor (GDS) is an aircraft / helicopter mountable, two-phased gas/leak detection sensor.  The GDS provides documentation and traceability via the internal Video and HD Cameras.  Designed and engineered by Breault Research Organization (BRO), the GDS uses a sample of the gas of interest as a spectral filter.

How it Works

Two radiometers -- one with gas (correlation) cell in its optical path and the other without -- focus on the ground through a narrow spectral absorption band (passband).  The radiometer without the correlation cell, measures the total incoming radiance / flux within the passband (REF signal).

The radiometer with the correlation cell also measures incoming radiance / flux within the passband at the COR signal.  By comparing the REF and COR signals, gas concentrations are retrieved.  On-board cameras take pictures of the scene and sensors measure location and flight relevant data.


  • Pipeline Inspection
  • Leak Detection
  • Ethane and Methane Detection
  • Hydrocarbon Detection

Designed to operate at 300-meter AGL, the sensor mounts vertically in a standard propeller aircraft and views the scene below.  The system passband is between 2-3 microns.  Ground resolution is 200mm.

Each radiometer includes features to optically match magnification and reduce parallax to within a pixel.  Data is stored in a Data Power Management system for post analysis.

For price and availability, email:; or call 520-372-7665.

Gas Detection Sensor

Model #66265A30000

System Specifications

> Detection Method:  Gas Filter Correlation Rediometer
> Gas Detection:  Methane and Ethane Gas
> Radiometer:  Reference 1 EA  |  Gas Cells 2 EA
> Ground Resolution of Optical System @ 300m:  2 m
> Geometric Point Source Image Diameter:  300 um
> Radiometer Alignment / Overlap:  +/- 2-Pixel Alignment
> Gas Cell Pressure:  0 to 1.1 atm
> Optical f-number: 2
> EPD:  22.5 m
> FOV @ 300m AGL:  64m
> Distortion:  < 5%
> Operating Waveband:  2.22 to 2.41 um
> Power Voltage:  28 VDC
> Current:  10 A
> Environmental Temperature:  -20C to 40C
> Humidity: < 95%


> Infrared Camera:  Zephir 2.5
> Altimeter Assembly:  LTI Universal Laser Sensor (0144745)
> HD Camera:  Basler USB3 C-Mount Camera  (ACA5472-17UC)
> Video Camera:  Basler Pulse USB3 CS Mount V04  (PUA1920-30UC)
> Video Camera Lens:  Basler Lens  (C125-0418-5M)
> Internal Temperature Monitors:  Omega RTD-830
> Ultra-miniature Pressure Sensors:  P-7100
> Humidity / Temperature Sensor:  HC2-xx25
> Intertial Navigation System:  Mti-7 Miniature GNSS/INS Module

Dimensions & Weight

> Length w/o Handles:  20"
> Length w/ Handles:  21.5"
> Mounting Surface Diameter:  18"
> Body Shape:  Octagon
> Body Width:  16 5/8"
> Weight:  < 100 lbs

For price and availability, email:; or call 520-372-7665.