BRO Management

Dr. Robert P. Breault, President and Founder

Dr. Breault is internationally recognized as one of the world's leading experts in the area of stray light analysis and suppression. His work covers original research on the scattering of coated surfaces, paints, glass, and mirrored surfaces — many of these for varying degrees of cleanliness or for different fabrication techniques.

Dr. Breault has been involved in over 275 stray light analyses, using the APART™ stray light analysis program, which he authored. He was instrumental in the fabrication and or use of five different devices to measure the bi-directional scattering characteristics of surfaces.

Dr. Breault has received awards of recognition from NASA (1977, 1978, 1984), an award in 1979 from the University of Arizona for his outstanding dissertation in the field of applied sciences, and was recognized by the Arizona Governor's Celebration of Innovation (GCOI) award committee as the 2010 Ed Denison Business Leader of the Year.

The author and co-author of two chapters in the Handbook of Optics, Dr. Breault received his B.S. in mathematics from Yale University and his M.S. and Ph.D. in optical sciences from the University of Arizona. He is a fellow of SPIE and chairman of the Arizona Optics Industry Association (AOIA).

Dr. Breault would like to share this December 2010 photo of his grandchildren, and we would like to share this movie of Dr. Breault celebrating his 70th birthday.

Dr. Kevin Garcia, Chief Scientist

Dr. Kevin Garcia has more than 25 years of optical-engineering experience in the commercial, industrial, and aerospace markets on a wide range of optical-design and analysis projects. From automotive-lighting to zoom-lens designs, Dr. Garcia has supported engineering projects at companies large and small and as diverse as Eastman Kodak, TRW, Xerox Corporation, and BRO. He has previously held Senior Optical Engineer and Director of Engineering positions at BRO.

Dr. Garcia brings to the CTO position expert knowledge of design and analysis software tools, including ZEMAX®, FRED™, Rhinoceros®, Mathematica®, and BRO's own industry-standard Advanced Systems Analysis Program (ASAP®). He has given many optical tutorials, has over twenty published papers in trade and professional society journals, and is a recipient of 8 U.S. patents, many of which have been granted equivalent foreign recognition.

Dr. Garcia's academic background includes undergraduate degrees in Physics and Mathematics from Bradley University, an MSEE in Optics and Quantum Electronics from the University of Southern California, and an MS and PhD in Optical Sciences from the University of Arizona.