Facilities Fully-Equipped for Any Job

Breault Research Organization (BRO) is located in Tucson, Arizona, home of "Optics Valley" - a hotbed of optics companies and research. BRO is closely affiliated with the University of Arizona's Optical Sciences Center, and the Arizona Optics Industry Association. BRO is ISO 9001:2008 registered.

Our facilities include a training room for software tutorials, and a lab for optics testing and prototyping.

Training Facilities

A robust computer for each participant, comfortable tables, and a bank of windows facing Tucson's gorgeous Catalina Mountains makes for the ultimate training experience. BRO holds 3-5 day software tutorials and 1-day seminars in the training room.

Engineering Facilities

BRO's facilities provide ample resources for building, testing, and evaluating prototypes.

  • An optics lab stocked with optical tables, mounts, light sources, etc.
  • Electronic assembly/test room
  • Illumination testing laboratory
  • Special test equipment: power meters, CCD cameras, detectors, etc.
  • High-Rate thermal chamber
  • Wyko 400 interferometer to include a Heidenhain distance measuring system for radius measurements and various transmission flats and spheres
  • Gamma Scientific DR-2000 for radiometric and photometric measurements
  • Nikon Alignment Telescope
  • Shaker table
  • Milling machine
  • Granite vibration isolated test bench
  • ESD-safe benches and tools
BRO Headquarters
BRO's Software Training Room