ASAP NextGen Features

ASAP NextGen

ASAP NextGen is a redefining moment in the history of the ASAP program


Optics Manager

A new, easy-to-use interface allowing complete definition of an optical system including geometry with optical properties, sources, ray tracing and analysis in a CAD-like manager and graphical user interface. Systems can be run directly from the Optics Manager without the need for scripts.

Automatic Script Creation

Ability to automatically generate INR script directly from the Optics Manager for further editing/manipulation in the Script Editor. Scripts are separate and independent of the Optics Manager system definition.

Persistent 3D Viewer

A new 3D viewer that will automatically update when any new surface, optical component, or imported CAD geometry is added to the ASAP Optics Manager.

Workflow Manager

A complete redesign of the ASAP Builder that provides quick and easy access to command menus for ASAP scripting. This new interface is integrated directly into the script editor along with ASAP Help.

Parallel + Remote Distributed Processing

The ability to automatically run parallel processes for ray tracing and analysis on all cores on a local PC as well as all cores on all Remote PC's. The number of cores used can be user-defined to optimize ray tracing efficiency.

Alternate Scripting Languages

New support for C# as an alternate scripting language with built-in code parsing and debugging. Enhanced support for Iron Python and Visual Basic. Provides extensible code base for these languages.

Major Improvements to Existing Features

Script Editor

New, extensible Script Editor with an improved user interface and more control over script syntax, coloring, and keyboard shortcuts. Provides one-click access to new Optimization and Macro Managers and $SCR Editor.


New optimization interface integrated directly into the Script Editor. Automatically parses INR script to find defined variables for use as Design Variables, Constraints, or Merit Functions. Optimization conditions and visual output at run-time are visible within the INR script window.

$SCR Editor

New $SCR Editor acts as a simple two-way forms editor with one-click access to text, integer, and floating point input. Editor automatically generates corresponding ASAP script and updates to script are automatically seen in the $SCR form.

Macro Manager

New feature that automatically parses ASAP scripts to find macro code which is presented as a list. One-click access to the list allows direct editing of each macro and changes are automatically updated to the Script Editor.

User Interface Updates

  • Plot Viewer
  • Chart Viewer
  • BSDF Fit Utility
  • 3D Viewer

Additional Features Updated

  • New extensible, .NET complaint GUI with many new interface enhancements
  • New System Settings menu
  • New Functions, User Data, and Variables Catalogs
  • Completely re-designed Media, Coatings, and Scatter Models Catalogs
  • New Lens Creator
  • Improved Zemax translator
  • Improved CodeV translator
  • New photometric calculation tools including visual appearance

New Light Sources

ASAP Name Mfgr. Part#
WL_SIMW Wurth Elektronik WL-SIMW
150353GS7 Wurth Elektronik 150353GS74500
150353RS7 Wurth Elektronik 150353RS74500
L908L_MUYD American Opto Plus L908L-MUYD-PC
SZ8_W0_C7 Seoul Semiconductor WICOP SZ8-Y15-W0-C7
SZ8_W0_C8  Seoul Semiconductor  WICOP SZ8-Y15-W0-C8
SZ8_W0_C9 Seoul Semiconductor WICOP SZ8-Y15-W0-C9
SZ8_WN_C7 Seoul Semiconductor WICOP SZ8-Y15-WN-C7
SZ8_WN_C8 Seoul Semiconductor WICOP SZ8-Y15-WN-C8
SZ8_WN_C9  Seoul Semiconductor WICOP SZ8-Y15-WN-C9
SZ8_WW_C7 Seoul Semiconductor WICOP SZ8-Y15-WW-C7
SZ8_WW_C8 Seoul Semiconductor WICOP SZ8-Y15-WW-C8
SZ8_WW_C9 Seoul Semiconductor WICOP SZ8-Y15-WW-C9


Pricing and Platform Information

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